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What kind of booth would you like to have? Please list your first and second choice (as some ideas may already be taken). In the comments below, please list your size and any other special requirements. Some ideas for booths are bottle toss, balloon darts, sand art and/or face painting, but feel free to get creative!!!

Organisation Name:
Booth Type First Choice:*
Booth Type Second Choice:*
Size and/or special requirements:*
Contact Name:*
Contact Number:*

Personal On-Screen Messages

Personal On-Screen Messages that show either before the movie or during the intermission (on double feature evenings).  Get in contact with what you would like to see up on screen and I am sure we can work something out!

On-Screen Ads

On-Screen Ads that show either before the movie or during the intermission (on double feature evenings).  Minimum booking is for 10 showings.  


Cost Per Showing

Min. Charge

Lead Time Required

Local Support Ad: 8 seconds (as part of a single Local Ad)

This ad can consist of up to two still shots and has no live film and no custom sound.  The Advertiser can provide captions for photos but they must conform to standard template.  All Local Support Ads will be grouped together using a single instrumental soundtrack with name only voiceovers.  Photos can be provided by Advertiser but must meet minimum specification requirements, require limited editing and Advertiser must own copyright on photos provided.

$2 per showing


2 weeks

Standard Screen Ad: 30 seconds

This ad is still shots only and has no live film.  High resolution, high quality photos will be taken at Advertiser’s discretion.  Two locations and a maximum of 90 minutes photography time will be allowed.  See above for photo requirements.

$10 per showing


3 weeks

Premium Screen Ad: 30 seconds

This ad can include a combination of stills and video.  Video shoot to be agreed with Advertiser prior to filming.  One session with a follow up is required to agree script.  Two locations and a maximum of 180 minutes videography/photography time will be allowed.  No videos can be provided by Advertiser.  See above for photo requirements.

$20 per showing


6 weeks


Billboard Ads 

Billboards - 4' x 8' signs displayed on the front of the Sandell screen.  

$350 annual rental fee.

This is the cost for annual subscription with maintenance includes sign upkeep and storage during off-season.


“Sandell Classic Series” Sponsorship Package (Sponsorship has closed for this year - but be sure to let us know if you would be interested for next year! 

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Standard Screen Ad that will play during these special events.  If desired, a 10 second still screen with a changing special for each event (5 changes) can be included for a total of 40 seconds. (This could be to provide a different special following each event)
  • Standard Billboard Ad to be placed under the screen in our sponsorship section.
  • Local Support Ad that will play at all movie nights.
  • Sponsor Recognition: Your business’s name and/or logo displayed on all media (print/online) advertising the special events.

Additional Perks  (can be used by you, your staff or given to your customers)

  • Four (4) FREE passes to all special event movies shown this summer
  • Two (2) FREE passes to all other film weekends
  • Vouchers for ten (10) free cheeseburger deals

Special Events

  • 5 special events for 2018 including the Memorial Day Western Weekend, Summer Carnival, 50s Car Shows, 80s Prom Night and Halloween Fundraiser Special